Oakwood joins the European AI Alliance by the European Commission

The European AI Alliance has formed a broad multi-stakeholder platform such as academic institutions, startups and other organizations from civil society bodies to prepare and draft AI ethics guidelines, and ensuring competitiveness of the European Region in field of Artificial Intelligence.

We at Oakwood firmly believe that this initiative will help to make the most of the opportunities offered by AI and to address the new challenges that it brings. The European Commission has created an AI  constitution in which they state:

“No one is left behind in the digital transformation. AI is changing the nature of work: jobs will be created, others will disappear, most will be transformed. Modernization of education, at all levels, should be a priority for governments. All Europeans should have every opportunity to acquire the skills they need. Talent should be nurtured, gender balance and diversity encouraged.”

By making the translation between state of the art AI and real-world industry, we experience the difficulties and effects of this fast growing technology. We are a firm believer of co-creating and a strong symbiosis between all involved parties in this fourth industrial revolution. We applaud and encourage the European Commission for this initiative and we are thankful that we are given the opportunity to contribute.

Read more on their website.

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Thomas is co-founder of Oakwood and loves working with data. As a robotics engineer, he is passionate about automation and machine learning.