Preparing Adidas AG for the future with Robotic Process Automation

Adidas AG is prepared for the future of process automation thanks to Oakwood in a collaboration with KIEN Systems. As the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe with strong brands such as Reebok, TaylorMade and Runtastic alongside its main brand, the company once started by Adolf Dassler in his mother’s house, is investing in the future of robotic software technology.

The goal of the project was to share our best practices and know-how to intelligently automate business processes through Robotic Process Automation, in order to increase both quality and speed of internal administration processes. As a proof-of-technology, two business processes within the Accounting (invoicing) and Controlling (budgeting/forecasting) domain were selected. Both processes were automated end-to-end with massive speed, throughput and quality increases as a result.

We are looking forward to further expand the strategic alliance between KIEN, as holistic and end-to-end strategic architect, and Oakwood, as the go-to for technical expertise in software robotics and artificial intelligence.

KIEN Systems improves and digitizes business processes to increase the performance of organizations. Through their smart approach and adaptive software technologies, they help companies achieve success much faster than through conventional means. In this particular engagement, Oakwood supported KIEN in providing the manpower for the technical implementation of the software robots and to share their best-practices. KIEN was fulfilling the role of architect of the bigger picture and facilitator of the organizational change process required for software robotics.

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