How Automagica processes thousands of unstructured payments at a Belgian hospital

With Automagica, our Smart Robotic Process Automation platform, automating any process becomes a breeze. With out-of-the-box support for business applications such as SAP and Excel, Automagica enables any organization to rapidly enhance the quality and throughput of business processes through smart automation.

This specific use-case for Finance addresses a major painpoint that every consumer-oriented business can face: unstructured payments. It happens to all of us: mistyping the structured notice or forgetting about it altogether, or even making small errors in specifying the amount. The complexity rapidly increases once their are multiple outstanding invoices within your systems while the payments happen in an aggregated fashion, for example when you are working with a third party for collecting payments.

For a large hospital in Gent,  Automagica robots are now processing thousands of unstructured payments every month. Together with our implementation partner KIEN and consulting partner KPMG, the end-to-end process was fully automated. KPMG’s role in the project was building the Smart RPA business case and modelling the as-is and to-be processes for unstructured payments. The business case was immediately clear for the hospital and moving forward with Automagica was a clear choice: Automagica could perform the work of multiple full-time equivalent workers, therefore generating a large amount of time and cost savings for the hospital. This allows the hospital’s valuable finance personnel to focus on higher value-adding tasks and increase the quality and throughput of the hospital’s finance department as a whole.

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