Seminar at FD Magazine

After our publication in De Tijd we were invited by FD Magazine to talk about RPA in Finance on their fast finance seminar.
We received a warm welcome and we were more than happy to have this interesting and interactive lecture on RPA in Finance.
When we asked the question ‘Who is already incorporating automation in their job’ we were surprised that almost all hands were raised.
Automation has a lot of potential in the finance industry, as it often involves high precision & high volume tasks.
Not only did we talk about the potential, but also about the risks. Working with financial data in particular requires a prudent approach.
We shared our succes stories from previous RPA implementations at financial processes such as AZ Maria Middelares and Adidas AG.

For more information check out their website.

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Thomas is co-founder of Oakwood and loves working with data. As a robotics engineer, he is passionate about automation and machine learning.