How Contextual Chatbots Are The Future And Clickbots Are Not

You have probably seen them already in many forms: chatbots that are completely menu-driven and do not appear to feature any real intelligence. Talking to these chatbots feels a lot like calling a customer support service with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Once you stray from the path, they refuse to respond or get stuck in an infinite loop of repetitive canned responses.

Contextual awareness

Another aspect is contextual awareness. Chatbots need this cognitive capability in order to enable a normal conversation with the user. If the chatbot cannot act upon the appropriate context, the bot is purely a transactional entity.

What can chatbots do for your business?

At Oakwood, we build chatbots that provide a truly unique conversational user experience (UX). We employ advanced techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in order to make such an experience possible. The key is not only to understand the customer and provide context-aware responses, but actually get to know the customer and exceed his or her expectations when interacting with our chatbots.

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About the Author:

Koen is co-founder of Oakwood and specializes in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. He's highly proficient with Python and NodeJS.