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Smart RPA, finally

Easy and quick to deploy. Powered by the cloud.

Get your digital workforce started in a matter of minutes.

Built on top of the best open source technologies.

Supports machine learning and AI out of the box.

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Our platform allows you to completely manage your digital workforce from anywhere in the world, from any device. Take full control over your bots and schedule the right work for the right time.


Our platform is different from what the existing enterprise RPA vendors offer: your company can get started with just a single bot which can perform any task and scale up from there.


The robot engine is powered by the best-of-breed open source technologies for each problem. Image recognition, text extraction and even GUI interactions are enabled through the best open source libraries available.

Fast, efficient and above all: smart.

We have built Automagica with our profound experience working with other automation tooling.

No difficult robo-rollouts.

We make it as easy and straightforward as possible to get started with Automagica. We understand that not every organization has access to a full-blown IT operations team. Deploying robots within your organization has never been this easy: it only takes a couple of minutes and we are happy to show you this in a live demo.

Build on the best technologies available

We believe that all organizations should have access to the vast amount of new technologies being released every day. Our platform is built on open source technologies such as Python and Google’s Tensorflow, and is therefore easily extensible with the latest and greatest developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Robust and reliable.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it out or ask for a demo to see for yourself! 

SAP automation

Bots should be reliable. Here’s a real-life example of an Automagica bot which processes over 1.5M€ unstructured payments every month.

Browser and Excel automation

Robustness and repeatability is key. Whether you want to automate processes in complex web applications like Salesforce or if you simply want to scrape data from the web, Automagica is smart enough to handle changes in the environment.

Who said robotics has to be expensive?

At Automagica, we believe that even the smallest corporations should be able to reap the benefits of automation. This is why we have structured our pricing model quite differently from classic vendors.


  • Community level support
  • Open Source Capabilities
  • No scheduling
  • No portal access
  • No credential management


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  • Enterprise level support & SLAs
  • Custom integrations
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile-friendly Portal
  • Secure Credential Management

Flexibility is key.

We have built our platform from the ground up, so we know every little detail.

We can connect your robot to any back-office database or in-house or third party API.

We already have experience with a long list of integrations and it keeps growing!

Automate anything.

With Automagica, almost anything can be automated. Whether your business processes use terminal, OSX or Windows applications, it simply does not matter.

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