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Our Bots are Smarter

Our chatbots understand you.

They do not rely on hard-coded or canned responses.

Every conversation is different, tailored to what your customer needs.

All of this powered by Machine Learning technologies.


Our platform supports virtually any messaging channel, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp for Business. Our chatbots are voice enabled, so phone calls, Google Actions and Amazon Alexa Skills are supported too.

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Our intelligent algorithms and self-learning mechanisms allow our chatbots to automatically answer your customer’s most frequently asked questions. Our specialized knowledgebase management tool has allowed companies to automatically answer up to 80% of their questions.

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With the Bottist platform, chats are not scripted. The conversations are built up dynamically through context-aware probabilistic modelling and Machine Learning. This not only makes our chatbots smarter than the competition’s, but they provide a better user experience as well.

Give the right answers.

Our knowledgebase management tool provides the right knowledge to your chatbot to answer any question.

Intelligent Question-Answering Algorithm

Our algorithm can link your customer’s frequently asked questions to the right answer in the Bottist Platform knowledgebase within the snap of a finger. With Natural Language Understanding the question is processed and matched with the corresponding answer. An answer is only given if the AI evaluates the quality of the answer as high.

Smarter with every question

Our platform is self-learning and self-improving. If a particular question cannot be answered, or the quality of the answer is below the treshold, the question is presented to a real agent. The agent can immediately answer the question by clicking on the suggested answer in the dashboard.

There is not always a happy path.

That’s why our platform provides enterprises the ability to keep complete control over conversations.

Keep control over your chatbot conversations

Even the most advanced conversational AI need some form of human oversight. Our platform provides enterprise clients to keep control over their conversations.

Possibility for human handover

Some conversations need the involvement of a real customer service agent. Our platform provides your customer the possiblity to request a rerouting to a real agent, if needed through your social media suite.

Flexibility is key.

We have built our platform from the ground up, so we know every little detail.

We can connect your chatbot to any back-office database or in-house or third party API.

We already have experience with a long list of integrations and it keeps growing!

100% Worry-free.

We take care of all the technical nitty-gritty for you.

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